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TradeLTD Compliance department helps ensure that the funds in your Trading Account are secure at all times. Our department is fully committed to protecting your identity and therefore employs the latest technologies that meet the industry highest standards and regulatory requirements in order to prevent money laundering.

In order to comply with financial institution regulations and anti-money laundering requirements, please verify your account within 24-hours of your deposit date.


Attached is a guide on how to send your documents. To verify your account, please provide us with:

1. Proof of identity.

A colored copy of your passport, ID card, or driver’s license (any other Government issued ID card can be accepted as well).

2. Proof of address.

A scan/photo of either a recent utility bill (i.e. Water/Gas/Electricity/Telecommunications, etc.), bank/credit card statement, or local authority tax bill. This document should clearly show your full name, current address / P.O. Box, and the distributing company’s logo, as well as have a date of issue within the last 3 months.

3. Proof of payment.

If you deposit funds into your account using a credit/debit card, we require a color copy of the front and back of it. Front copy should include: Full name, the first 6 and last 4 digits (Please cover the middle 6 digits), expiry date. Back copy should include: Your signature (Please cover the CVV code). Credit Card copies without a signature will not be approved.

All the edges of the card must be visible, and it must be clear to read.

If your name is not on the card, your most recent credit card statement is required. The back of your card should clearly show your signature with the card’s CVV code covered. If your card does not have a signature, please keep the CVV uncovered.

4. Signed Declaration document.

As part of a standard procedure, any client using a credit / debit card, is obligated to provide a signed Declaration form in order to confirm his/hers transactions. You will receive a link in your inbox that will enable you to sign this document online.

Sign the declaration of deposit next to the transaction details and at the bottom of the page. Please try to make the signature as similar as the one you have on your Identification Document or Credit Card back.

All documents can be uploaded on our website under ”Verification” or e-mailed to within 24 hours of your deposit date.